United Forces & Families - 2 Year Complimentary Membership

We're excited for you to join our AFA family! 

Supporting our Air Force family has been an important piece of AFA’s mission since our inception in 1946. More than 75 years later, we remain committed to supporting all DAF families. We believe that improving the quality of life for Airmen, Guardians, and their Families is directly linked to stronger Families, united Forces, and the mission effectiveness of our Air and Space Forces.

By joining AFA, you are strengthening our united voice advocating for our DAF families. Here are a few ways your AFA membership will strengthen your leadership:

  1. Opportunities to apply for F2 Grant funding to improve the quality of life for Airmen, Guardians and families in your community
  2. Constant updates and education on the issues facing our Air and Space Forces including a subscription to Air & Space Forces Magazine and the Daily Report
  3. Invitations to special events ranging from our 18k+ national conferences to United Forces & Families hybrid celebrations
  4. Opportunities to connect with local AFA leaders and chapters who are ready to support you!